CREDENCE METAL is the global market place for the metal trading industry. Prices are discovered directly from the physical trade of semi-finished and primary metal products.


Market Place

CREDENCE METAL is the transparent market place for metal producers, consumers and traders. Market participants delivery physical metal, trade regionally on the spot market and value their metal at all-in prices that reflect regional supply and demand.

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Global Presence

CREDENCE METAL provides regional trading at major trade hubs. Supported through a worldwide network of approved warehouses traders benefit from global reach and local prices.

Reliable Partners

Metal traders access the markets directly 24x7 through our online trading platform MTPX. Warehouses and market participants adhere to highest admission standards. Continuous compliance monitoring induces trust and ensures stable and transparent markets.


At CREDENCE METAL we pride ourselves in a long history of metal expertise paired with unparalleled trading technology skills. We maintain a strong culture of diversity and professionalism, built around the CREDENCE TRADING core values:


We value excellent business conduct that builds on integrity and reliability when building relationships with our partners such as CREDENCE METAL members, warehouse operators, market participants and analysts.


Markets thrive where traders trust in each other's commercial reliablity. At CREDENCE METAL we help market participants to trade with peace of mind and the assurance that their business can rely on strong partners.


The CREDENCE METAL markets are completely transparent. All price data in each trading location is always visible to each CREDENCE METAL member.


Within CREDENCE METAL we maintain a culture of commitment towards our business partners and towards each other. We value proactive behaviour and commit to supporting our clients in concluding their trades successfully..


CREDENCE METAL are committed to neutrality towards all our members. Trading related information is always released centrally without any preference on location or status of any particular member or member group.


At CCREDENCE METAL we value and understand our responsibility towards all market participants and business partners. We commit to uphold orderly trading, the responsible handling of trade related data within existing legal frameworks and excellent business conduct in any interaction with clients and partners.

Team Diversity

Our team and the way we work is charachterisd by a broad spectrum of skills, cultural backgrounds, languages spoken and ways of thinking. We value new ideas and innovation as well as professional awareness of established business practices. Wether conservative risk manager, creative outside-the-box thinker or cool strategist - each team member contributes to the success of CREDENCE TRADING. Our open and modern way of collaboration and interesting career perspectives attract and retain the best talent in the industry.